Graphic Design.

I define Graphic Design simply as: the art of pulling multiple elements together in a way that pleases the eye and clearly communicates an intended message.

Identity design

Identity design is made up of a variety of elements: shapes, letters, colors, patterns, images or any combination that communicates the intended personality or service.

Here are some examples of just a few of the marks I've developed for various clients.

For example, the mark in the upper righthand corner is for First Western Advisors — a financial consulting firm. You can see the implied F-W-A representing their initials, but hopefully you can also recognize the pillars, representing solid strength.

Below is a mark for a bicycling club "the cyclepaths". They're really a bunch of dentists, doctors and executives, that want to feel like Harley-Davidson bad boys on the weekends they ride, thus the tatoo–esk look of the mark.

In the center is the logo for the Share Foundation. A charitable organization the lends support and counseling to parents who lose children from SIDS, or at birth. In this mark I illustrated clearly — hands coming together in support, with the negative shape forming a heart.


For over 11 years I was responsible for the creative for UnitedHealthcare — corporate, medicare, and medicaid marketing. That generally included all collateral and mailed materials and gave me a chance to do some fun and innovative brochures, kit covers, posters, direct mail and dimensional mail pieces.

United — Ad Design

Self–funded brochure

Medicaid kitcover designs

Self–funded envelope mailer

A series of c–suite dimentional mailers

C–suite envelope mailer


I worked on Aetna materials for over 5 years and literally have hundreds of samples. But Aetna is very guarded and have suppliers sign a nondisclosure agreement which I will honor. So the only things I will show here are very old things or things that were rejected or part of their old brand.

Aetna — Ad Design

Abbott Labs

Abbott Labs were launching a rheumatoid arthritis drug that was going to revolutionise the category. They turned to us for advertising to pre-launch the drug as well as web design and collateral materials. This represented hundreds of elements including all brochures, videos and instruction pamphlets, all unified with a similar brand look and feel.

Abbott — Ad Design

9x12 information brochure

Starter kit


AlphaGraphics is a franchise operation offering full-service printing to customers around the world. This gives us two audiences to communicate with: the customer purchasing printing and the potential franchisee looking to start a franchise location.

Our work rebranded their storefronts, logo, stationary, business cards, brochures and all mailers. We also were responsible for developing numerous communications for their internal franchise operations.

Kitcover/brochure design

Brochure design

A series of postcard mailers

Other Collateral

This is an assortment of odds and ends that I've done for various clients.

The Table tent was for American Express. They were testing the distribution of travelers checks in ATMs. They wanted a design that was dimensional, could ship flat and be very easily assembled on location.

These property signs are for Fairbanks Homes for their development at Utah Lake. We developed a brand approach using rich illustrations and materials like wood, rope and stone.

The invite was for Publicis when they moved offices in Salt Lake. We took a tin CD case and placed in it a set of eight die-cut drink coasters with fun images on each demonstrating the theme "Nice Move". The event details where on the last coaster.

Bank table tent

Real estate signage

Screenshot of Fairbanks/Harbor Bay Signs

Invite to new office open house

Focus Dental Group

Utah Broadband

Utah Broadband is an internet service provider that doesn't have to rely on traditional hard cable connections.

Since their service comes through the air — I made the sky and clouds in the background part of their identity.

Utah Bband - Ad Design

Utah Bband - Web Design

Lawcare PC