Advertising Design.

My objective is simple: increase client profitability by speaking to their market in a clear, concise, compelling way, thereby rasing their voice above the noise.

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Del Webb


The challenge — For years, Del Webb, the developer of Sun City Communities, relied on “Vacation Getaways” to attract potential home buyers. While this strategy produced plenty of leads, a large percentage never purchased a home. We uncovered that many unconverted leads were never qualified.

The key insight — Research showed that people age 55 and older want to retire from work but not life. This led to our communication platform “Live on.” We then implemented a turnkey contact strategy with a new offer and more targeted creative.

The result — Leads increased by a substantial 28%. More importantly, cost per lead was decreased 40%. Actual conversions – those who purchased a home – were increased by 18% from previous campaigns. It became the most profitable Del Webb initiative ever.

Aetna Federal

Aetna Federal wanted to have a major presence in the DC area right before the enrollment period with bus tansit signs, bus sides, subway signs, email blasts web banners, kiosks, radio, and social.

We developed a fun campaign that drove home the message "Get the Health Plan that gets you". Research was showing that Federal Employees felt that plans weren't designed with their special circumstances in mind. Aetna had designed several plans just for Federal Employees and wanted the show that we Get them.

Utah Broadband

Utah Broadband is an internet service provider that doesn't have to rely on traditional hard cable connections. Many individuals and businesses who are missing cable service in their area or who would have to pay large fees to bring that service to their home or building can immediately take advantage of these services.

We wanted to develop a fun campaign where we simply drove home the message "Missing Something". And then tie that to internet service and drive them to the Utah Broadband website for more information.

Utah Broadband - Web Design

Utah Broadband - Graphic Design



The challenge — Curves become the nation’s fastest growing franchise by empowering women to take control of their lives. But the only advertising was being done locally. Curves had finally grown to a size to launch the first ever national campaign.

The key insight — We needed a campaign to cross all markets and give “real women” a reason to believe in themselves. We tested with direct mail, then rolled out national DRTV. We also created four websites, a consumer national website with locator map to feed leads to the local stores, a prospective franchise buyer website, and a password protected, secured franchisee site with ad builder support

The result — After only four days, responses nationwide exceeded projections by almost 500%. Franchisee sales increased. Not only were the local shops happy with the campaign, they began to put their own dollars into the marketing efforts.

Curves - Web Design

Intermountain Healthcare

This was a project initiated by Intermountain Healthcare's Riverton Hospital. They had just opened and traffic in the emergency room was significantly below projections.

They asked us to help develop a campaign strategy that would increase traffic and educate local communities just how much closer and more convenient Riverton Hospital is to other alternatives they may have selected in the past.



The challenge — New regulations created a narrow window (Oct. 1st thru Dec. 31st) to sign new Medicare advantage beneficiaries. TexanPlus needed to meet their aggressive acquisition goals but at the same time wanted to start building a brand.

The key insight — We needed to build relationships. If we could show potential customers we sincerely wanted to give “Real Help” in the no sale time frame, they would be more accepting of an invitation to join during the enrollment period. We created call centers where prospects could get answers on Medicare questions.

The result — Despite having no previous brand presence, the “Real Help” call centers were taking more than 600 calls per week from qualified potential customers. By October 1st they had nearly 5,000 hot leads and during open enrollment acquired over 8,700 new members exceeding their goal by 25%.

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