Advertising Design.

My objective is simple: increase client profitability by speaking to their market in a clear, concise, compelling way, thereby rasing their voice above the noise.

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DynaStar Skies

This was an interesting project. The advertising messages generated by Publicis/France for DynaStar skis were being lost in translation. The US market just didn't get them.

They asked our office, because of our Ski Utah and Canyons Ski Resort experience to help. These posters were for the Legend (their extreme ski) and the exclusive (their ski specialy designed for women).

Screenshot of Dynastar Ski Ad Group of Dynastar Ski Ad



The challenge — ClubMed sales had been steadily increasing based on successful brand campaigns. Then an international terror alert was issued that crippled the travel industry and brought vacations to a stand still. Due to financial obligations, if ClubMed couldn't start filling rooms, they would need to totally restructure the company.

The key insight — ClubMed had always relied on brand advertising to create demand. In the current circumstances that wasn't working. Our team knew that a controlled direct response campaign could generate immediate sales even in a difficult market, and this could be done while also tying into the current successful brand.

The result — Based on the leads generated from this campaign sales immediately exceeded projected levels. ClubMed ascribed this campaign to literally saving the company.

Club Med Ads Group of Club Med Ads

Abbott Labs


The challenge — Launch a rheumatoid arthritis drug, third to market, competing for a share of only 1.2 million RA sufferers, with a media budget less than half the nearest competitor. Because of regulatory controls all lead generating must be done with an unbranded campaign (no mention of Humira or it's claims).

The key insight — People with RA don't expect miracles. They just want a more normal way of living. Because there are no lists of RA patients our message needs to get patients to self identify.

The result — In just six months, lead generation goals for the year were met and awareness levels and approval levels of the drug among physicians and patients were far above expectations. With these solid results and revenues generated by the campaign, Humira officially gained the distinction of being the most successful Abbott drug ever launched.

ABBOTT — Graphic Design

Screenshot of humeria Ad Screenshot of humeria Ad

Bristal Myers

The challenge — Bristal Myers approached us and asked us to develop a strategy to not only market to Sjogren's Syndrome patients but also to help patients self identify themselves. We had had a tremendous amount of success with another drug for Abbott labs with a similar situational need previously and they were hoping we might be able to do the same thing for them again.

Sjogren's Syndrome is a little known disorder that affects, or dries up, the tear and saliva glands bringing a lot of discomfort to paitients.

Bare Metal

Taylor Brothers is a very well established company headquarted in Boise, idaho. They handle fire suppression needs in general but for the last 30 years they have successfully growing their business cleaning commercial kitchen exhaust systems.

They wanted to grow their busness through franchise sales in this area. We Branded the franchise "The Bare Metal Standard". It was determined that a potential audience to talk to are people who own fire supression businesses already but don't provide the hood cleaning service.

Bare Metal — Web Design

Public Service

It's great to work on Public Service. Not only do you get to further worthy causes, but often times you're given more freedon to come up with impactful messages.

Over the years I've donated my time to help a number of foundations, including: Better Business Bureau, MADD – Mothers against Drunk Driving, Rape Recovery Center, Tracy Aviary, Humane Society, Make a Wish Foundation, Share Parents of Utah Foundation and the Nevada Chamber Symphony. Here are a couple of examples of some print work.