Advertising Design.

My objective is simple: increase client profitability by speaking to their market in a clear, concise & compelling way, thereby rasing their voice above the noise.

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Safeco Insurance

This was an interesting and unusual advertising experience. We were given a new Safeco tagline "Your always safe with Safco" and asked to develope creative to support it. I developed this highly visual series of ads, working with a copywriter. We had the tagline under the logo and a brief paragraph of copy explaining the images relevance to the message.

When the client saw the creative they asked "why do you need the copy, the images say it all".


The challenge — Aetna was looking for a strong, break through campaign to attract the attention of Medicare aged clients. What better to attract their attention then Grandkids. We developed this Grandkid campaign with digital elements, social, video and direct mail.

Aetna — Graphic Design

Screenshot of humeria Ad Screenshot of humeria Ad

Ken Garff

The challenge — Ken Garff has had a running theme for a few years now of "WE HEAR YOU". They were looking for ways to make that fresh and break through. They opened up the concepting to teams that normally didn't work on the Ken Garff account. These are some concepts that I came up with, focused on particular seasonal events. The first one (chocolate bunnies) focused around easter and the other one (Spock ears) around comic con.

Screenshot of Ken Garff Ad Screenshot of Ken Garff Ad

UnitedHealthcare — Corperate

For over 11 years I was responsible for the creative for UnitedHealthcare — corporate, medicare, and medicaid marketing. The Business–to–Business corperate message was to communicate UnitedHealthcare's size, stability and the wide range of products and services they offer.

One of the hardest BtoB groups to reach with any message is the C-Suite executives for Fortune 500 companies. One contract at that level could literally mean millions in future revenues to UHC. We developed several high end dimentional mailers and supporting campaigns targeting that audience. On one occation a mailing netted a 25% responce rate.

UHC — Graphic Design

UnitedHealthcare — Medicare


The challenge – We needed to increase lead volume (that declined by almost 50% due to maturing markets) with a product that was often less attractive than the competition. Confusion was increasing due to announced changes to Medicare.

The key insight – We felt that with the confusion about the proposed changes, we could position UHC as the provider of clear, easy-to-understand information and build a relationship with potential customers. We capitalized on our national plan using umbrella creative strategies, easily tailored on a market-by-market basis using inexpensive, break-through direct mail and TV formats.

The result – Lead volume rose almost 300% from 4Q to 1Q. The cost per qualified lead was at its lowest level in five years. Enrollment goals were met or exceeded in 27 of the 31 markets.

UHC — Graphic design

UnitedHealthcare — Medicaid

UnitedHealthcare had not had much of a pressance in the New York area among Medicaid audiences. We wanted to establish a positive brand in preporation for a new Medicaid product that was soon to be introduced.

I contacted a hot photographer from the Chicago market (Sandro) who specializes in gritty, editorial images in urban areas. Together we selected from his already famous body or work as well as developed new images for the campaign.

The campaign was launched saturating the Brooklyn/Queens area with Billboards, busboards, transit advertising and radio. This softened the ground for one of UHCs most successful Medicaid product launches ever.

UHC — Graphic Design

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