About me.

I’ve been working in advertising & communications for over 30 years.
My goal has always been: make it simple. Download work experience →

HI'm Kelly Vernon, an Art director/Creative Director/Designer, and currently a principle with Twist Advertising Design. For over 30 years I've managed a wide range of accounts fighting to keep one principal, make it simple. I'd love the chance to explain my philosophies and opinions, to you. Give me a call or email me.

This section is supposed to be "about me", so I'll give some history and background about myself:

Education: I grew up in Utah and attended the University of Utah, Brigham Young University, and graduated from Utah State University with a BFA, focusing on Advertising Design, Graphic Design and Illustration. (I jumped around, but I ended up getting great influences from a wide variety of professors and programs.)

Work Experience: After graduating I got the chance to work for Cole & Weber Advertising, then part of the Ogilvy Group. I started as a designer but quickly became an Art Director.

I was recruited to Dunn, Reber, Glen and Marz (DRGM Advertising, later shortened to The Glen Group) in Las Vegas, Nevada. I spent 4 years in the desert working on casinos, hotels and travel and was promoted to VP/Assoc. Creative Director.

Eventually, the desire to try it on my own got to me and I left DRGM and formed Vern-On Design, a Graphic Design studio in Las Vegas. It was fun and successful. I loved it. It's amazing how seeing the whole picture. It helps you better understand your roll in the work place.

After a few years my wife told me we where expecting twins. She kindly let me know that if I were to continue working 80 hour weeks, she needed to live closer to family or I would be living in the desert alone. So, we packed up and moved back to Utah.

I took a job as Art Director at a small agency in Salt Lake City. I quickly became the Creative Director and later a partner. The agency was renamed Crowell/Vernon Advertising and we soon grew from 5 people to over 20 employees, and from $300,000 in billings to over $5 mil. We worked together for 5 years.

My next move was to EvensGroup Advertising who were acquired a year later by Publicis (the 4th largest advertising network in the world). I was originally hired as Creative Director but was later promoted to Executive Creative Director over the Salt Lake office. Publicis' national and international reach, gave me the opportunity to work on exciting accounts like: DynaStar Skis out of our Munich, Curves out of Dallas, BMW with NY, ClubMed with France, T-Mobile and Safeco with Seattle. My principle responsibilities however, was in Salt Lake over the UnitedHealthcare, Abbott Labs, Del Webb, AlphaGraphics and Becton Dickinson (BD) accounts, to name a few.

I was with Publicis/EvensGroup for over 9 years but when they closed their Salt Lake office, I with two other executives formed Twist Advertising. We ran that agency successfully for the next 6 years.

For the past 5 years I've worked for ThomasARTS Advertising as the Creative Group Lead on the Aetna account helping them to grow that account nationally and internationally. We've developed materials and strategy for print, video, digital and social for more than 30 of their internal divisions as well as being agency of record for their Medicare advertising.

I recently returned to Twist Advertising Design to persue the opportunities that presents once again. Give me a call, I'd love to see how my experience could benefit you.

My personal interests include: drawing, painting, photography, camping and most importantly, family.


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